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This morning I am still wallowing in the misery of last nights kitchen failure.

Spaghetti Squash.


I hadn’t planned much about what to cook for dinner but after a weekend of ‘letting myself go’ I was looking forward to a tasty home cooked and scrumptious dinner. I had in mind a leek barley risotto with butternut squash – which I will be making tomorrow night – but mum mentioned that she had bought a spaghetti squash and so I began looking up recipes to try.

Spaghetti squash. Even the name evokes excitement. It is full of promises of another versatile vegetable I can use as an alternative to wheat.

However although I am sure people must have countless success with a spaghetti squash I will be steering well clear (this is if my curiosity holds off) I found a very basic recipe to make spaghetti squash with a pesto and lentil sauce.

To be completely honest with you I don’t think anything went right!

IMG_4160To cut a long story short – the squash went in for roasting.

Meanwhile I made the pesto – pesto was fab – before I added the olive oil – way too much olive oil made my beautiful pesto way too bitter. It was a walnut and parsley pesto and unfortunately I had run out of walnuts and parsley so couldn’t make any more.


fast forward – squash is out the oven and cooled – I attempted to create the spaghetti effect and I ended up with mush… soggy mush.

I am so interested in hearing other peoples successes with spaghetti squash – has anyone tried to use this vegetable and it worked? Please restore my faith in the squash family!

Oh and to top it off I overcooked my lentils whilst wallowing in the misery of the rest of the food.

eventually to avoid waste I made up some regular spaghetti and threw all the ingredients in together to make some sort of pasta dish.

I have however come to the conclusion that I simply don’t like pesto. I think I knew this before dinner. Which truly makes me contemplate why I even chose this dish in the first place. But it’s fun to experiment – it’s just usually my experiments go right so now its dealing with the repercussions of failure and all those demons it brings up.

One failed meal does not mean I am a failure. One failed meal does not mean I am going to fail my course. And one failed meal is not something I should be scared of writing about. Which is why I decided to write this post even though I have no recipe to share.

My boyfriend got the miserable text last night telling him I was in a foul mood because of my kitchen disaster and telling him I felt it was the end of the world and this wise words of response really did cheer me up.

well you wouldn’t learn anything if everything went to plan first time would you now?

Aren’t they fabulous words of wisdom… the kind of thing I should have been able to reassure myself.

On a lighter note – talking of things not going to plan… Here are the cupcakes that we made over the weekend to take along to some firework night fun.


If I say they taste even more of a disaster than they look…? Does that help explain?

We took a pumpkin and chocolate chip recipe. Took out the pumpkin. Took out the chocolate chips. Replace the oil for butter. and added in some milk. The result … hard, curdled, slightly dry halloween muffins.

Although me and Henry realised we probably aren’t too compatible in the kitchen we did enjoy our saturday afternoon. Well I did. Maybe I should remind him of his advice to me a few paragraphs above!

Here’s to hoping I have some better meals to chop and share later in the week – but for today I am allowing myself a bit of wallowing time on a rainy Tuesday.