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So I’ve gone from not having any work opportunities the past 3 weeks, to having all my job options open up the past 2 days.

I have some serious decisions to make. There is always the what if? the big question mark that looms over the daunting path of a career decision. What if this route doesn’t work out? What if I have made the wrong decision? What if I regret saying no to an opportunity?

Today I am struggling between listening to my heart or my head. Who knows me better and who knows the next move I should take?

head vs heart

So the great debate which is waging and pulling me in all different directions….


Take the full time, office job which offers financial security. It is a quiet receptionist job which enables plenty of study time and it is an office nearby your college.

My head “How sensible would that be. you can pay back all the money you owe for the course”
My heart “think how unhappy you will be traveling into town for long days in a job lacking purpose, and with no time to cook!”


Take the three different part time jobs you have found and juggle your time and your money so you can work in a field you love, with people who have the same interests and build your network of friends and people you can share and grow with.

My heart “look how happy this will make you, you’re even smiling thinking about it, just take the plunge”
My head “its’s crazy, there’s no money in this and you will drive yourself mad running round everywhere and juggling study time too”

The truth is I have to believe that no matter which I choose it will be the right decision and it will lead me down the right road. Everything happens for a reason. No decision is wrong. If I am meant to end up in a certain place then I will no matter what I choose to do today, tomorrow next week or next year.

What would you do?

Head or heart? Heart or head?