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Hey hey!

I’m currently out in beautiful Israel with my dad and my brother.

So it’s not that I’m being lazy and not cooking! We are actually eating the most wonderful meals. Middle Eastern cuisine is definitely top in my books at the moment. Every meal is preceded with copious amounts of salad which they ensure they refill the moment one of them appears low! Salads ranging from humous and tahini to pickled beetroots and chilli tomatoes! It’s fantastic!


I have such an amazing recipe to share from last week. It was spanakopita which is a Greek recipe – a delicious filo pastry filled with spinach and feta cheese. My mum recommended this to me and when she said the greek name i originally googled it as ‘spanco peter’ but realised soon how un-greek i’d been.

This isn’t my healthiest recipes with all the pastry and butter, but I have to admit its definitely one of my tastiest! I could tell this from the empty plates!

This was inspired by ‘reduced to clear’ spinach from morrisons for 25p! It lead me to look for recipes I could use up large quantities of spinach in one go. Additionally I learnt this week that spinach – our number one super food is actually thought to be an anti-nutrient ad a safer way to eat it is actually cooked. Therefore this recipe is great in that respect as its all cooked!

Another exciting thing about this recipe is its the first recipe I listened to my kitchen intuition.

I read a few different recipes before I began and had a basic idea of how to cook this, but I cut out bits, added in bits, tested out new ideas as it still came out great! So this is the first recipe I will call my own!


Unfortunately it’s written out on my computer at home and I’m still out in Israel. I just missed writing and wanted to put an update so you don’t forget about me! But I will post it ASAP once I’m home.

It’s beautiful here – having an amazing time. The sky is blue, the sun is hot, we have a private hot tub, a sauna in the bathroom and we have spent the last few days with my wonderful nieces and nephew.

It doesn’t get much better in terms of things to appreciate in life.

So everyone take a minute to appreciate the good stuff in life because there’s lots to appreciate.