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Morning all ūüôā

How do you like to start your day?

The positive side of being unemployed is the leisurely pace at which I can start my day…


Barley Grass, porridge, chia seeds, nuts and ginger and lemon tea.

I had a long chat with my friend Liv last night about different nutritional advice she’s been receiving from a program she’s been subscribing to. She asked me lots of questions and some of them I found hard to answer so I went and did some research I thought I would share.


1) What is the difference between all the different green super foods, e.g. wheat grass, spirulina and barley grass? And what is the benefit of each one?

First of all, Wheat grass, Barley Grass and Spirulina are magical! This is why they are called Super Greens. They really are super and I would recommend everyone adds one of them in to their diet in some form.

These super greens are nutrient rich. Full of the vitamins, minerals, enzymes, proteins and anti-oxidants that we need in our daily diets. Additionally, they are also ‘readily’ absorbable. Meaning that these nutrients enter straight into our bodies without my ATP energy being used, leaving it to concentrate else where.¬†

This is the Vitamin Content of Barley Grass when being compared to other food and vegetables that we eat on a daily basis.  


But why green super foods?! I know it’s not the most appetising colour…

Green is for Chlorophyll.

If you remember any of your primary school biology you know that chlorophyll is essential to all green plants and is central to their ability to grow and be alive.


The molecular structure of Chlorophyll has been related to that of hemoglobin in the body which makes it very easy for the body to take in these foods and benefit from their nutrients.

But what does Chlorophyll actually do?

It increases the hemoglobin count of the blood.

Hemoglobin is the iron-containing oxygen-transport system in blood. This means that more hemoglobin translates to a more oxygen rich blood and fast rebuilding of the blood stream. E.g. animals with a low red blood cell count that were given wheat grass had a healthy blood count level within five days.

In addition, chlorophyll can stops bacterial growth in the digestive tract as well as the production of yeasts and fungi. As Chlorophyll manages bacterial growth throughout the body it is also though to eliminate bad bodily odours… pheweeey!

In all honesty all three of these super foods are pretty equal in their value to the human body. I am bias towards barley grass as I have been taking it now for two years and swear by it as an immune system booster and also for getting rid of my teenage acne.

However, each green magical powder has its own specialist claim to fame.

Barley Grass

This to me is my number one choice. It’s hard to summaries how great it is!¬†

Barley grass is a whole food concentrate acts as close as possible to it’s natural state and simultaneous provides what we naturally need to absorb in the easiest way.

All 8 of the essential amino acids are found in Barley grass which assist in the generation of proteins which we need to assist our cell building and regeneration and our energy production.

Vitamins and minerals in EXCESS! (see table above)

barley grass powder has been said to be beneficial in asthma, obesity, skin rejuvenation, anaemia, arthritis, gastritis, peptic ulcers, diabetes, cellular damage from x-rays, heart disease and hepatitis.


Wheat grass

Wheat grass benefits inflammatory conditions.

  • It reduces toxins in the blood that collect around the joints and cause pain;
  • strengthens damaged bodily tissues;
  • prevents inflammation in the first place.

This is predominately due to the high amount of enzymes it puts into the body. One of which is P4D1. This enzyme stimulates the renewal of nucleic acid and this in turn is what aids the anti-inflammatory benefits.



Spirulina is one of the highest sources of chlorophyll out of the greens and as an extra bonus is also one of the highest sources of protein. The protein found in Spirulina is also more digestible than any other source. Even though animals are known to provide the body with high amounts of protein, once taken into the body only 20% of beef protein is actually digestible whereas with Spirulina the protein is 95% digestible!!

In this way, Spirulina is great for weight loss as a person can eat less and not be hungry as they have been satisfied by the protein in their magical greens!

And as if that wasnt enough, another benefit of Spirulina is the blue pigment, phycocyanin which is not often found in foods. It has shown to inhibit the formation of cancerous cells. In this way it helps to stop the spread of cancer in the body.



Whichever green magical powder you choose I would recommend taking it first think the morning and eventually replacing your normal cup of coffee of tea with your shot of greens. I never drink caffeine anymore and when I need an energy boost I reach for my barley grass! I mix one teaspoon of barley grass with a small amount of apple juice (NOT FROM CONCENTRATE) and it tastes fab. My brother drinks it with water and he says it’s fine but I am not quite man enough for that just yet.

As this has become such a long post I will tackle other breakfast gem in my next post!