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I had a couple of people message me in response to last nights post about the green super powders, asking me where they can buy them from… 

Like with all things there are different qualities and with the different qualities come the different prices…  


for example here is a link to Holland and Barratts difference selection of Spirulina products http://www.hollandandbarrett.com/pages/categories.asp?cid=142&searchterm=spirulina&rdcnt=1

these range from £6.89 for the tablets to £20.49 for a powdered form. The tablet versions should be avoided as they take longer to be absorbed into the body and you should try and find a powdered version. 

P.s. Spirulina tastes gross…! just saying…

Wheat Grass

For the Wheat grass – I just found some on Amazon – again remember that the price reflects the quality. This means that the powder may have been made from different parts of the plant. The idea part to use is the baby shoots as these are alive and growing and therefore full to the brim of all these nutrients I was talking about. Often the cheaper ranges use different parts of the plants of maybe aren’t 100% wheat/barley grass as they are a combination. So just check the mg content of the nutrients as you may pay less but then not get the total benefit of the green shot! 


Thats the link to amazons wheat grass choices. 

Barley Grass

And for Barley grass – you can again buy it everywhere – I just typed it into google and this was the top result 


However we use a beautiful barley grass which has been made from the baby shoots of the plant. It is also 100% organic and therefore avoids any sneaky extra elements being in our green magic. 

It also is cut very finely making it dissolve very easily into the apple juice or water and therefore making the shot more palatable. 

The make is Nikken and although it is pricier than the other options you do pay for quality. It is also quite a large jar and should last you about 6weeks. 

Here is the link for this particular brand http://www.nikkenwellbeing.co.uk/PWP/Products/Products.aspx?ID=352&MediaType=Image&RootGroup=156

So just remember 

1. Buy a powdered form
3. Check quantity of powder in packet
4. Check if it’s a combination 
5. Check how much mg of the nutrients you will be getting
6. buy some apple juice! 

Please get in touch if you have any questions!