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Alllo allo allo!

Todays recipe is Seaweed Crackers..!


But first… I had my first test this weekend as part of my course and it was on the cyto-skeletal-muscular systems. I have never worked so hard for a test before! Not even in my 4 years of university, and this test didn’t even count towards anything. But I am pleased with how it went…I say all of this but we haven’t yet got the results back so it’s still a bit of wait and see.

We then spent the rest of the weekend covering the cardiovascular system. And you know what – the scariest part about learning this was the fact that over two thirds of the weekend we were talking about cardiovascular pathologies and diseases that arise in the heart, the blood, the immune system response, the veins, the arteries.

It was mind blowing the amount of damage we are doing to our bodies and we don’t have a clue whats going on inside us, often until it is too late.

Something that has stuck with me is that unless we act on these in a preventative manor – before we have symptoms such as deep vein thrombosis or varicose veins or a aneurysm thats traveling up to your heart – then we are pretty much unable to treat these with an alternative medicine or remedy. This is because action needs to be taken pretty much immediately when one of these symptoms arrive and therefore blood thinners such as statins or warfarin are used. Once on these medications it is very difficult to come off them. Natural remedies such a fish oil are a great blood thinner but can not be taken along side these prescribed medications as they will over thin the blood as they will act as a double dose. Therefore this is an example of when preventative medication is hugely important.


Anyway thats all the boring stuff… yesterday was a great day. A wonderful day.

I went to meet a man about a job. and it went well! All being well the man will let me know about the job by the end of this week and work shall commence come January. More information shall follow at a later date – sorry for being so obscure but don’t want to jinx anything yet!


After this I spent a few hours wandering around Camden – I always forgot what a love hate relationship I have with Camden town. I love the shops the atmosphere the place, but I am always happy to leave. Although I found a few gems for christmas presents yesterday. A funky nepalese shop which lured me in with their incense sticks outside. And I also found an amazing cookware shop which will be dangerous if I get this job because I could spend hours in there just looking at all the cooking tools I could buy!

Once arriving home in a positively glowing mood – it only got better. I spent a few hours experimenting in the kitchen and it was great fun!!

This particular recipe was one that I picked up from one of the (few) men on my course. It is a great low fat, low cholesterol, high in antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, and vital nutrients recipe, so it ties in well with this weeks theme of preventative measures for heart and blood diseases.

So this recipe is from a lovely guy called Olivier and he is French and he is a gourmet chef! He was kind enough to be offering out snacks after lunch and I was lucky enough to be siting in front of him and be offered one. This is his recipe for these seaweed crackers. But maybe interpreted differently because its me making them not him 🙂

What I loved about this recipe is that every ingredient I used was so so good for you and full of lots of lovely health benefits.


Most importantly the seaweed! Seaweed is actually the most nutrient dense you can get in your green leaves. Its just not spoken about as much because in our western diets we only eat seaweed in our sushi! Apparently (I read this somewhere online) if you eat about a gram of seaweed you are getting your daily iodine dose, and iodine is a nutrients that’s hard to come by in foods but is essential for boosting thyroid and brain health, so we receive our doses from iodized table salt. But now table salt is being replaced by fancy exciting salts like himalayan salts so now we need to eat more seaweed!

Other than Iodine, seaweed is high in calcium, protein, Vitamin B-3 (only vegetarian source!), B-12 (essential for healthy blood!), Vitamin A and a great source of fibre. And this fibre is a soluble fibre so it slows down the digestive process and therefore limits the absorption of sugars and cholesterol. All great ways to look after your cardiovascular system!!

So – here’s the easy peasy recipe for Seaweed crackers


  1. 2/3 sheets of sushi Nori sheets (dried and toasted seaweed) (can use more depending on how many you want to make)
  2. selection of seeds you want to use – I used sunflower and pumpkin seeds
  3. agave syrup
  4. Apple cider vinegar
  5. Himalayan Salt


  • preheat oven to 100 degrees
  • cut up the sushi sheets into cracker sizes
  • spread a drop of agave syrup on the seaweed
  • sprinkle on the seeds
  • flick with a small amount of vinegar and sprinkle the himalayan salt on topIMG_4588
  • put in the oven for 5-10 minutes
  • leave to cool and then enjoy!

Happy Chomping!