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What a crazy few months. Sorry I haven’t written for so long, the pace of my life has quadrupled in the last couple of months and my cooking and blogging has suffered the brunt of it. I am lucky to get home at night and have the energy to make dinner and lunch for the next day, let alone sit and have the luxury of writing.

Anyway it has all been good busy. I have just completed 50% of my year of Bio-medicine. On saturday I handed in an assignment and sat my end of term exam. It was very tough but I am hoping I did enough to pass! For me this year is such a challenge because I have never had a scientific mind. I scrapped by at GCSE and couldnt have been happier to say goodbye to anatomical patterns and lab tests. Low and behold I am back studying – science. So to even pass will be an achievement for me.

Since I last wrote here I have also begun my new job working at a beautiful new fitness centre The Fitness Mosaic which has been challenging but lots of fun whilst trying my patience working with family.

So amongst all of this I have been learning about how and why to look after my gut! I watched this lovely video from Nat Kringoudis all about pro-biotics and gut bacteria. You should definitely watch it after reading this.

So our body is full of bacteria good and bad – and mainly located in our intestines to fight all the toxins and substances that travel through our digestive systems. The good bacteria need to be in dominance though in order to fight off the bad. When you have symptoms like bad breath, acid reflex or even digestive ulcers, these are signs of the dominance of your bad gut bacteria. By taking pro-biotics every day you are improving your overall gut health and helping your body fight away the bad guys.

I would really recommend dosing yourself up on pro-biotics especially if you are taking anti-biotics. Everyone knows the damaging effects of anti-biotics on our systems but sometimes these anti-biotics are essential and life-saving, so by all means take them!! BUT don’t forget your essential pro-biotics too 😀

This pro-biotic is called Kefir. It is very cheap, simple and easy to make and the taste is easy to get used to. It is essentially bacteria kernels which are bathed in milk and they ferment the milk and turn it into a yoghurt-like form.

So…todays post is not really a scrumptious recipe like I have written in the past – but instead some guidelines and directions on making this Kefir.


This milk should ideally be raw and organic. But if this is not accessible then use whole milk.

Firstly make sure you don’t touch your bacteria with metal as this will kill off some of its wondrous qualities.

Place the bacteria in a jug/container and cover with a small amount of milk to begin with. Each time you re-use your bacteria the it will grow and therefore the more milk you can ferment at a time.

cover the jug with cling-film but leave an air-hole so it can breath. (this also avoids explosions)


leave to ferment for 48-72 hours.

Then mix with a wooden spoon so any separation is mixed back together and sieve your Kefir through a plastic sieve so you save your bacteria to be reused. And the cycle starts again! There is no end or limit to how much this can be used – it just keeps growing so you can keep sharing with friends and family and encouraging healthy guts all around you.


What comes through the sieve is now your lovely pro-biotic ready to be drunk.

Personally I find the taste a bit sour so I mix it with some blended berries. Today’s is just with some fresh blueberries but you can mix it with anything you fancy and enjoy the taste.


The best bit about this pro-biotic is that even though it is made with milk it is suitable for people with lactose-intolerance because as the bacteria grows the lactose gets killed off. I was happy to learn this as I am trying to avoid too much dairy at the moment.

I ordered my Kefir on Ebay for less than £5 with The Happy Kombucha company. Or if you know anyone growing their own see if they would mind sharing their bacteria 😉 mmm

Have fun looking after you guts 🙂

Happy Chomping!