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Just Write… Just write…

This is what I have been telling myself every evening for the past 6 months and despite this there has been very little movement towards getting started again.

This could be down to many a reason but I think if I am honest it is mostly pure laziness.

All these elaborate self pitying excuses like being too tired, working long hours, studying in my free time… they all amount to nothing as I still feel as though I could push myself more at work, I don’t study enough, I don’t have enough time to party and I sure as hell don’t sleep enough.

So although I have deprived myself of time to write (despite its meditational, medicinal and relaxational qualities) I still haven’t completed or felt content with the other activities I seem to have prioritised.

So finally I am just writing. That’s all I needed to do and that’s all it really takes. Just pick up the metaphorical pen and just start again.

Saying this… I am pretty exhausted so am for now going to prioritise a good nights sleep.

But this is just checking in to say… I am back in business and will write 😉

Easy… no?