Why I Like to Chomp…

Hi there! My name is Joanna


I have been enjoying my chomping for nearly 24 years now!

It sounds like I’m introducing myself at an AA meeting. Which actually isn’t such an absurd concept because in a way eating can be an addiction. It’s something we find ourselves doing three times if not more a day, every day, in order to survive and often become hooked on caffeine and sugars.

I have to admit,

I am addicted to eating.

I just love it. Everything from curries, to bbq’s and Salads to lemon tarts, and fish pies to chocolate gateaus, and pastas to crumbles.. and I could go on.

If you look at society today, so much of our social lives revolve around food. When you meet a friend for a catch up it often revolves around lunch or dinner. Sunday roasts with your family are a must. Dinner parties with friends. Hungover fry ups. Girls night in with popcorn, chocolate and the best rom-com you can find. Work breakfasts. Lunch meetings.

Everything around us involves food, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year.

This can prove quite problematic for people like myself who enjoy eating too much to diet and find it hard to say no to a tasty food on offer.

However, luckily for me this has led me to a point in my life where I have recognised my love for food and also my love for understanding and maintaining my own health while I am young.

SO now I am redirecting my passion for chomping! I am starting on a path of discovery!

The goal is to teach myself to cook!

I hear you say… thats not so difficult.

Well my goal is to find

healthy, nutritious and addictive meals

that I can chomp without stacking on the pounds and that stop my food addiction being bad for my health!!

I am hoping to begin a Natropathic Nutrition course with the CNM (College of Natropathic Nutrition) in November and whilst doing this I am planning tocook at least two nights a week for my family and friends.

I will be trying mainly vegetarian recipes as I have an interest in trying to use more vegetables to give my body all the vitamins and minerals it craves.

I am going to post pictures on here as I go and let you know what worked well and what I felt could have been improved on.

I’m a bit scared of the thought of blogging as it’s very new to me, but I will begin as mainly a diary for myself.

Hopefully it entertains and helps all you other chompers out there!!

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